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Tired of not getting the results you deserve? Are you constantly trying to find new ways to obtain your ideal customers? Code Nero a Dallas Advertising Agency has proven to provides a better opportunity for your business to double and even triple their marketing ROI. Our methodologies are designed to generate more customers, drive more sales, increase your bottom line and allow you to work on your business instead of in it. At Code Nero we develop a real relationship with our clients by delivering results that pay for themselves and become part of the team so that you can focus on closing more deals.



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Lead Generation

At Code Nero we focus on placing our partners in the top 3 for their best keywords in the toughest markets in their Industry,  Helping you consistently generate leads and phone calls for your business.

Paid Per Click Advertising

Our extensive keyword research allow us to maximize your ad budget and  find all of your top performing keywords that convert your visitors into customers

Social Media Marketing

We  want your presence to be known online and social media is the avenue we use to put your business in front of billions of customers each month 

Landing Page Design

We design and build  beautiful responsive Landing Pages  that attract your ideal customers. More than 60% of your visitors come from Mobile searches, so we focus heavily on optimizing your site to work on any device.

Content Management

Code Nero writes and edit engaging content specifically for your business. The content we provide is tailored to present your business values, services and expertise to your ideal customers

Review Management

We protects your brand as if it was an extension of ours. We help you monitor your presence online  and respond to reviews to ensure your reputation is always ahead of your competition.

Return On Investment

We ensure that your investment is allocated to the appropriate avenues ( Content, Web Design, Lead Generation, SEO, Paid Advertising etc.)  to grow your business.

Real Partnerships

We really can't stress enough on how we treat our clients. We work in tandem with our partners and provide a world class marketing team dedicated to helping your business achieve it's  goals. 



Our Partners Are The Reason We Are Here.

Without trusting us to deliver results for them we wouldn't be who or where we are today.  We pride ourselves in developing the best relationship possible to ensure that you are satisfied with the work we do. We work extremely hard to ensure that we increase your visibility and that your ideal customers recognize your brand so that they know that you are the right company to trust when making the decision to purchase your services.


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Frequently Asked  Questions 

What do you do to compete or surpass the competition in the top spots of Google?

We perform extensive research to help you show up within the top 3 searches for your best keywords. Most of your ideal customers won't go pass the top 3 spots and your competitors are probably taking your place right now. 

Your placement in the search engines are about authority and how relevant you are, At Code Nero we help provide unique and relevant content for your business because more than 55% of businesses say that they are unclear on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like.

Then we focus on the authority aspect.

Your website strength is really just a numbers game. 

Let me explain:

    1.  The most trusted websites are normally placed at the top of the search engines. They are typically scored from 1 being the lowest and 100 being the highest.

    2.  Most of the website trust and authority comes from backlinks.

    3. Backlinks are text links that are placed on websites with authority and points back to your website.

    4. Keep in mind that some backlinks can hurt your site as well so you have to ensure that the links that are pointing back to your site are legit.

    5. Consistency is key when building backlinks we typically set up a campaign to help you build up your authority and trust in the search engines.

    6. Normally when you have a campaign in place and consistently receiving positive juice from your backlinks you tend to move ahead of your competitors.

But, the moment you decide that you are comfortable a competitor can take your place and knock you off the top. Most of the websites we analyze at the top of google can be outranked in about 6 to 8 months with a proper campaign.

How Long does It Take To Rank My Business Website?

There are a lot of factors that goes in to ranking your business in short ,it's case by case. We have had businesses who have thousands of webpages even websites that have been hit with penalties and we have brought them to the top 3 of their most competitive keywords in 6-8 months. With that being said if your site is in good health and in a less competitive market then it would be easier to help your website rank at the top.

To find out if your website is in good health let us provide you with a Free deep analysis of your website against your top 3 competitors and provide you with a strategic marketing plan to help you crush your competition. Just go here to get your FREE STRATEGY SESSION or give us a call at (682) 710-2487

What Do You Do To Increase Conversion Rates For My Business Website?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the key to a successful online presence and most companies fail to manage this process in their business. We continue to develop innovative ways to improve conversion rates for our clients as this is needed in todays competitive market p​​​​lace. Here are a few things we do to increase conversion rates for your business:

    1. Flawless Website Design - Ensuring that you have an engaging above the fold section, Satisfying Colors and providing an experience for your visitors spelling out exactly what you do and what actions to take.

    2. Authority And Building Trust - Give you customers a reason to purchase your services by displaying your Awards, Badges, Testimonials and any Press Releases you may have.

    3. Call To Actions - When your customers know what actions to take when visiting your site it's easier for them to make decisions. Include text, buttons or any other tools guiding your visitors on what action to take.

This is not a set and forget process... what works today may not work tomorrow being that we are living in a time where things can change at the drop of a dime in the digital space. We always keep CRO at the top of mind to ensure we are converting your visitors into customers.

How Much Do You Charge Monthly For Your Services?

Your monthly marketing budget has to be fit for your business and that's what we focus on because if we underestimate your campaign it would definitely hurt the results and if we over estimate then you are not able to see an adequate return on your investment.

Most likely if you are spending less than 10% of your gross revenue on landing new customers you would probably struggle to meet your project revenue goals. If you are spending more than 15% and not gettin a sustainable return on your investment then that tells me that you aren't spending your marketing budget wisely.

Monthly Marketing fees are determined bu the current strength and health of your website and the competitiveness of your industry.

If you have a lot of great content and decent on-page SEO, we can sharpen the entire website in 30days and then focus on building trust and authority this may include but not limited to SEO, Paid Advertisement, Social media Advertisement etc. Then, your fees will depend on how much trust and authority your site has compared to your top competitors.

If you have built a little trust and authority in your industry but lack content and on-page SEO, we'll need a budge that includes Content marketing and link building.

Both Situations require content and links, social media and Ad retargeting but, the degrees of each will vary, ultimately affecting the price.

At Code Nero we are prepared to work with monthly budgets that range from $2,000 to 20,000+  For more info contact us for a FREE STRATEGY SESSION 

How Do You Fix The Issues Found On My Website?

At Code Nero we practice ethical search engine optimization strategies that goes way deeper than changing simple tags and titles. Google has rules and coding it likes to see in websites that go beyond what users see on the page. With a checklist of over thirty items we go through your website to optimize all of your relevant pages to suit your most profitable keywords. We go through your site with a fine tooth comb during this overhaul to ensure that you business is successful online. 

How Important Is Page Loading Speed For Websites ?

Your page loading speed plays a very important part in ranking your site. Google likes to promote pages that load quickly because it improves the user experience, if you have a slow loading page it will hurt rankings slightly. 

 Having the right tools helps us build sites that loads less than 2 seconds and inner pages load less than 1 second and that's pretty fast.


Code Nero

When working with Code Nero you will be partnering your business with some of the most brilliant and talented minds in the digital marketing space. We take what we do serious and we ensure that our clients succeed and increase their visibility online. Our philosophy is " Process is Everything and Everything Is A Process" everything we do is based on a process that has been tried and tested to ensure we deliver quality results that are worth your while!

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  • Facebook Adwords​ Expert
  • Flawless Website Designs That Convert
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  • Ethical Search Engine Optimization Practices
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  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Reputation Marketing 
  • Top Rated Agency By Upcity
  • A Marketing Partner That Deliver Results Quickly

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